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Public Scholars to follow on Social Media

June 26, 2022


here is a list of my personal favorite public scholars to follow. there is no rhyme or reason to this list…it’s just a few really smart scholars who are very authentic, make me laugh, and help me understand the world a little bit better.

Noah Smith – economics, geopolitics, and urban planning

Tressie McMillan Cottom – sociology

Roxane Gay – the written word

you may note that each of these scholars uses different platforms, mediums, and approaches to their public lives. some websites are more static than others. some have very active and consistent (e.g., weekly & topical) newsletters while others use their email list for notable updates. some started out blogging but pulled away from it as their profile (and threats) grew. then there are the podcasts. ultimately, these scholars have spent years establishing themselves as thought leaders through their research and writings. 

and tbh, i found each of them through twitter. good tweets, interesting topics, and funny commentary. and if i am being really honest, it’s the LOL’s that get me. 

other notables:

i know there are loads more out there! who are some of your favorite public scholars to follow? what is it about them that intrigues you?

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