DIY Book Launch Checklist

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The Shoestring Scholar's DIY Book Launch Checklist

You finally wrote the book – now ensure it actually gets read. But promoting a book takes serious work that most academics aren’t trained for. Where do you even start with limited time and money?

Struggle no more with the FREE DIY Book Launch for Scholars Checklist.

This comprehensive, no-fluff checklist breaks down the book promotion process into easy, done-for-you steps tailored specifically for budget-conscious scholar-authors.

With this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn proven DIY tactics for:

✅ Identifying and reaching your ideal readers
✅ Optimizing your online presence
✅ Leveraging your network effectively
✅ Securing media coverage
✅ And more!

Don’t sacrifice your sanity or shoot from the hip. Let this step-by-step checklist guide you to a successful book launch on a limited budget.

Why is this checklist effective? Because it was created by someone who understands the academia struggle. I’m using it right now to guide scholars just like you through their imminent book launches.

Don’t go it alone. Get the scholar’s secret weapon for book launch success.

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From Published to Public Checklist

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