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Public Relations & Communications Writing Services Training.

Are you a scholar, thought leader, or scholar entrepreneur looking to amplify your impact in the public domain?

Look no further.

We provide tailored  communication services designed exclusively for the academic & knowledge creation community.

Our mission is to help scholars navigate the complex world of public engagement and effectively communicate their research to a broader audience.

Trust us to guide you and your research into the media and public realm.

We Provide:

Academic Understanding & Public Relations Mastery

With more than 5 years of professional experience in public relations and 9 years in higher education, we understand the nuances of scholarship, research communication, and the ever-evolving world of public relations. 

Thought Leadership Development

We work collaboratively with scholars like you to position them as authoritative voices, driving impactful conversations and contributing to academic leadership. 

Strategic Communication Integration

Expand your reach with integrated multi-platform campaigns. Our communication strategies span traditional media, digital channels, and emerging platforms, maximizing your impact in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Communication Skill Development

We will help you refine your messaging, argument, research, and perspective so you can get your message across effectively.

Tailored & Flexible Approach

Every scholar is unique, and so are your communication abilities. We pride ourselves on crafting personalized strategies that align with your research goals and personal communication abilities, ensuring a customized approach to your public engagement journey.

Media Monitoring and Analytics

Gain insights into the impact of your public engagement efforts with comprehensive media monitoring and analytics. Understand your reach, audience engagement, and media coverage to refine future strategies effectively.

Our Communication Services

Your brand/reputation is invaluable. Our brand management services safeguard and enhance your professional standing. We proactively address challenges and highlight opportunities to build a positive public image. Brand management includes:

  • Developing a professional brand
  • Message training
  • Research, monitor, and audit your professional public brand
  • Create reactive and proactive management strategies
  • Assist in managing your public products (e.g., newsletters, website copy, blog/newsletter content, social media management, responding to reviews/emails/requests, etc.)

Many scholars and thought leaders successfully build communities through newsletters and blogs. Let us build your newsletter or blog from scratch and help you attract a following. This includes:

  • Platform recommendations
  • Project management & logistics
  • Brainstorm and create template for blog/newsletter product
  • Strategize and develop content and calendar
  • Launch checklist
  • Launch marketing plan

Equip yourself with the skills to confidently navigate interviews and engage with the media. Our media training services are designed to help scholars communicate their ideas effectively, whether on camera, in print, or online.

  • Preparing for a TV/live interview
  • Preparing for a recorded interview
  • Public writing such as op-eds (includes review, editing, and feedback)

Refine your message with our meticulous copy editing services. We ensure your written content is polished, clear, and resonates with your intended audience, enhancing the impact of your communication. We can edit:

  • Pitch emails
  • Public writing materials
  • Website copy
  • Blogs/newsletters
  • Manuscripts & long-form pieces
  • Academic research papers
  • White papers and research briefs
  • CV’s, resumes, and cover letters

Punctuate your book release with additional marketing and promotion services you may not receive from the publisher. From strategic planning to execution, we ensure your book receives the attention it deserves in the media and among your target audience. This includes: 

  • Discipline and industry-specific marketing strategy
  • Pitching interviews
  • Website development
  • Newsletter/blog development
  • Social media strategy
  • Booking promotional events such as virtual book launch, book talks, etc.
  • Awards submissions

Let us be your voice in the public sphere. Our experienced public relations representatives will work tirelessly to promote your work, secure media coverage, and foster meaningful connections within your field and beyond. This includes:

  • Media pitching
  • Developing a media kit
  • Managing media requests and enquires
  • Scheduling interviews

Do you have a major study on the verge of publication that needs personalized public relations support? We can help you take this paper from published to public! For the duration of the campaign, we will develop and execute:

  • Strategic communication plan which includes goal setting, target audience mapping, and message development
  • Content calendar
  • Writing and submitting pitches
  • Editing and writing assistance
  • Develop and monitor your professional brand
  • Social media monitoring
  • Relevant media training

We can help you think through your public relations strategy. In-depth brainstorming and action planning sessions will set you up to achieve your public engagement goals. This includes:

  • In-depth strategic communication planning
  • In-depth feedback on your public engagement materials and plan

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