Amplify Your Research Impact with the
From Published to Public Checklist

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Your free guide to effectively communicating findings and engaging broader audiences.

As an academic researcher, you’ve dedicated countless hours to your groundbreaking work.

But does it resonate beyond the confines of academia?

The From Published to Public checklist is your key to unlocking the power of public engagement.

This free, step-by-step guide will equip you with the tools and strategies to:
✅ Distill complex research into compelling narratives
✅ Identify and connect with your target audiences
✅ Leverage the right channels for maximum outreach
✅ Measure and optimize your public engagement efforts

Don’t let your research get lost in the noise.

Discover how to captivate the public’s imagination and drive real-world impact with your findings.

Get the From Published to Public checklist now and embark on a journey to bridge the gap between academia and the world around us.

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From Published to Public Checklist

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