The Research Impact Collective: Unleash Your Public Voice

The Collective fosters collaboration, accountability, and resource sharing, creating an atmosphere of continuous growth. With access to a resource library, hands-on workshops, and a community of like-minded scholars, you’ll have the tools and support you need to excel in public engagement. 

What sets The Research Impact Collective apart is our holistic and community approach. We cover every facet of unleashing your public voice, from building confidence, seamlessly integrating public scholarship into your research workflow, contemporary media training, impact measurement, and driving real change. We learn from each other. We support each other. 

Join us in the Research Impact Collective and transform your research into a force for positive change.

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Here's How it Works:

Community of Scholars

Join our community of like-minded scholars with the same goals as you – to make a greater impact on the world with your research. Our community is exclusive, with no more than 6 scholars per semester.

Coaching & Workshops

We host evidence-based and practical workshops and group coaching sessions to help you achieve your public communication goals on media training, strategic communication planning, and many more!

Expert-led talks

Hear from various leaders in higher education, journalism and media, public relations, and other relevant speakers as they promote the value and importance of public engagement and research accessibility.

Private Slack Community

Our private online Slack community is a safe and exclusive space for you to engage in discussions, seek advice, and share successes with other scholars on a similar path. Here, you can share and access relevant resources, articles, and tools you come across during your academic journeys.

Built-in Accountability

Through our Slack Community, we maintain a group accountability system to keep you motivated and on track toward your goals. To add a layer of accountability, a “buddy system” pair you with another scholar from a different field, promoting cross-disciplinary learning and fresh perspectives.

Interactive Live Sessions

We host live group sessions like mock interviews and receive feedback from your peers, helping you refine your communication and engagement strategies. We also host Mastermind Sessions where you can share experiences and challenges, benefiting from collective problem-solving.

Resource Library

Get instant access to courses, products, tools, supplementary resources, and past workshops.


Access exclusive member-only discounts for our writing retreats, 1:1 coaching services, and more!

Co-working sessions

Our coworking sessions hold scholars accountable and provide a dedicated space to work on your public engagement.

Membership Program

Research Impact Collective
$ 249 Monthly
  • 4-month commitment required
  • Cohort begins in January 2024
  • Applicants should be professors, lab directors, researchers, etc.

Graduate Student Rate

Research Impact Collective
$ 99 Monthly
  • 4-month commitment required
  • Cohort begins in January 2024
  • Must be enrolled in a PhD program for the duration of the Collective

Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely. The Research Impact Accelerator is designed to benefit scholars and researchers from diverse disciplines. Our group coaching approach is applicable and adaptable to most disciplines, though we focus on social sciences and the humanities.

No worries at all. Many of our scholars will start with little to no public engagement experience. This program is designed to take you from where you are now and provide you with the skills, mindset, and confidence to excel in this area.

We understand that your time is precious. The program is structured to be intense but flexible. We will offer weekly and monthly events, optional coworking sessions, and invited guests over a 4-month period. We work together to ensure that the time you invest yields tangible results.

The Collective is structured as a cohort model, with open enrollment beginning in January, May, and August.  This ensures all scholars are on the same timeline. The program last four months. The coaching and training is developed based on the Research Impact Accelerator. Workshops, coaching, and live trainings are held once a week, with additional supplement events spread throughout the program. The program also includes pre-recorded sessions, homework, and presentations. All live sessions are conducted as a group.

While we can’t guarantee specific outcomes, we can assure you that the Research Impact Accelerator is built on evidence-based strategies that have helped scholars like you successfully communicate their research to the public. We provide ongoing support and accountability to help you achieve your goals.

Many scholars share similar concerns. Our program includes media training and communication skill development tailored to your comfort level. You’ll build confidence through practice and feedback in a group setting. And we always emphasize doing what makes you comfortable.

Success varies by individual, but our outcome-driven program is dedicated to working towards the goals and outcomes you set. Our program provides the tools and knowledge needed for success; it’s up to you to apply them.

While it’s possible to see immediate improvements in your communication skills, lasting impact often takes time. We focus on building a strong foundation for long-term success, which includes setting achievable short-term goals.

Don’t worry; our program is designed to be user-friendly. We’ll walk you through any technical aspects and provide support as needed to help you succeed.

To get started, simply fill out the intake form. We’re here to answer any additional questions you may have and guide you through the enrollment process.

Our program takes a comprehensive and holistic approach, covering mindset development, goal setting, practical communication skills, media training, professional branding, and more. We provide guidance and ongoing support to ensure your success.

The Research Impact Accelerator

Make a bigger impact
with your research.

Strategic communication coaching for scholars like you who want
to make a bigger impact with your research

Are you yearning to make a greater impact but not sure where to start?

The Research Impact Accelerator isn’t just another coaching program; it’s a transformative journey designed specifically for scholars and researchers like you who are eager to make a meaningful impact beyond academia.

What sets us apart is our holistic approach. We cover every facet of unleashing your public voice, from building confidence, seamlessly integrating public scholarship into your research workflow, building a public profile, strategic communication, customized and up-to-date media training, impact measurement, and driving real change.

My journey as an academic was marked by the same challenges you face today, and that’s precisely why I am so passionate about helping you overcome them. I’ve been in your shoes, felt the frustration of untapped potential, and that’s what fuels my dedication to providing you with the tools, strategies, and support to confidently communicate your research to the world.

Man with glasses reading and writing intently. He is sitting in front of a book case and has a stack of books on front of him as if he is researching.

My Approach

Public engagement is a powerful tool for a scholar, yet few graduate programs train scholars to effectively communicate research to anyone outside the academy. 

And other training programs may focus only on building communication skills. 

But here is what I believe….

You hold the power to make an impact: You don’t need another shiny framework, checklist, course, tool, or step-by-step guide. You just need to tune into your own wisdom and do the work.


Everyone’s path is different: Every scholars research interests are different, and every scholars communication style is very unique. We will work only in the space that makes you comfortable, where your communication skills can thrive and your research can make the most impact.  


I’m here to give you the tools to navigate the waters and find your own way: If I do my job right, you won’t need to work with me beyond our sessions. It’s my job to help you build up the skills, experience & confidence to move forward on your own, maintaining a successful career as a public scholar.


Together, we will achieve your goals: My purpose is to help you succeed. I am dedicated to ensuring you meet your goals by the end of our sessions. In the oft lonely world of academia, this program thrives on accountability and support. 

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