interview – leaving academia, altac, and entrepreneurship

October 26, 2022

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i recently chatted with my former colleague Dr. Matt Huml on the State of Sport Management Podcast about leaving academia, alt-academic (#altac) careers, and my journey into entrepreneurship!

(matt and i went to grad school together (go cards!) then became colleagues at my former institution. he has always been just the nicest, most supportive colleague. and this is my second interview on his podcast! first time we chatted about reappointment. anyway, you can follow him on twitter. he’s doing great work examining workaholism in college athletic departments and actively engaging with the impacted community.) 

i just realized there is very little on my own blog and website about my journey, outside of a small bio. its summarized pretty succinctly in the interview, leaving out gory details. truthfully, it wasn’t one thing that caused me to leave. i naturally ignored a flurry of professional and personal shit over the years, which developed into a snowball, thus leading me to make a change.

currently, i am not in the right mental space to write it all out, being in the thick of the struggles of entrepreneurship (wishing there was some stability, more help, and a lot more sanity). the story makes me sad, as it should. i thought i would be in academia for forever! i still think about some part of it lovingly. but it was just so hard for me. and i was so hard on myself. so drudging up the deets of this complicated and fraught time requires a very good bottle of pinot noir and a more settled space.

until then, 🎧 take a listen to the cliff notes!

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