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Just a few of my favorite things.

Looking for some recs? Look no further! From public engagement to design to travel, we’ve got something for every scholar! 

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Canva (free edition)

Whether you want to create an infographic, interactive presentation, website, or graphic for social media, Canva is easy to use and the free version is very robust!
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Where video messaging and powerpoint presentations converge! I use this program when I need to explain a complex idea or topic but also need the visuals to support it.
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Pitch Clinic

We offer a free pitch assessment for scholars interested in pitching a story idea to an editor or journalist.
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Media Pitch Guide

Our guide provides insight and tips on how to pitch a story idea and how to write an op-ed.
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Successful Pitches

A repository of crowdsourced media pitches. Many of them are freelance pitches, but its a great way to see what works!
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Up-to-date contact information to submit your op-ed pitches.
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Features/Story Pitches

Up-to-date contact info to submit feature/story pitches.
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Media Enquiries

Resources for connecting with media soliciting expert quotes.
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These durable + reusable bags get you through TSA and beyond. Use them for trail mix, make-up, pen holder, anything!
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Viator is my go-to option for unique sightseeing tours, day trips, and excursions in whatever city I visit.
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You never know what might happen when you are traveling. Safety Wing is my go-to for coverage for extended stays.
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Professional Development Funds Support Letter Template

Access our free Professional Development Funds Support Letter Template and easily personalize it for your department head or dean.


Evernote is where I stored, organized, updated, and managed my dissertation literature. Tags, notebooks, notes, editable PDFs make it invaluable.


Notion might be my favorite thing ever. A note-taking, productivity, project management, all-in-one app holds my life together.
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Very Good Copy Newsletter

To get better at writing for the public, you should read good writing and writing strategies. Very Good Copy is one of those sources for writing strategies.
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The Audacity by Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay, writer and professor, reminds me how you can be true to yourself, trust your voice, and live your best life…all while being in academia.
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A weekly curated list of beautiful writing, thought-provoking reading list, and inspiring words that makes you appreciate the written word. logo


Check out my curated book recommendations! From public engagement to communication to habits, these books can help your public scholar journey.

*Note: These are my personal recommendations. I’ve used (and loved) every product listed! Some recommendations on this page contain affiliate links, so if you purchase after clicking through the links I provided, I get a small commission. But don’t worry…your price isn’t impacted at all! The commission helps offset some of the expenses of being an entrepreneur. I really do live by these products and services, so I hope you enjoy them as much as me. 

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