So you want to become a public scholar?

January 16, 2023

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As you ease into your spring semester, take some time to think and reflect on your career goals, especially in relation to the impact your research is (or isn’t) making.

A good place to start is checking out our webinar –  So You Want to Become a Public Scholar? If you have ever wondered about…

  • why should you publicly engaged,
  • how do you establish yourself in the public space,
  • where can you carve out the time needed to publicly engage,
  • who is going to listen and how can you reach them, and
  • how will you know if you made an impact?

…then start with watching this webinar! I talk through a holistic approach of becoming a public scholar. you can get started today with the right mindset and a bit of strategic planning.

I’ve written about this topic before. Making the impact you want with your research requires public scholarship in one way or another. And without training or a proper introduction, this journey can be frustrating and time consuming.

And I am here to help. Schedule a *free* strategy session if you still have questions about where/how to get started. We will discuss your public scholarship journey and develop a roadmap to transforming your research for the public audience.

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