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Help prepare you and your team to publicly engage their research in a matter of days!

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Speaking Engagements

we believe research should not only be accessible for public consumption, it must also be made accessible for public understanding. 

we can help your academic community create accessible research through a variety of workshops and speaking engagements, all with the goal of educating and inspiring scholars to take their research into the public space. 

if you are interested in jump-starting a public engagement movement for your academic community, we can help! complete the request for proposal form for a personalized proposal. 


workshops are custom designed to meet the needs of your academic community. workshops include interactive activities, learning sessions, collaboration, and evidence-based methods to ensure the skills and strategies taught have a lasting impact and promote long-term change.

workshops are outcome-based. scholars work toward an individually established public scholarship product goal/outcome. we offer post-workshop private follow-up consultations for every scholar so they can achieve their goals in a time frame suitable for their schedule.

Our workshops will help scholars discover:

women leading a speaking engagement in front of a large audience.

Interested in masterclasses & workshops for individual scholars...

Are you and your academic community looking for...

host a workshop today to jump-start the journey to public scholarship your academic community!


seminars are custom designed for the audience (e.g., graduate students, junior faculty, administration, etc.) and are intended to engage, inform, and inspire scholars while promoting change. 

Seminars topics can include:


consultations are hyper focused on helping your academic community build the infrastructure for its public engagement efforts.

consultations include needs assessment, project lead management, data collection, assessment, strategy sessions, stakeholder management, policy & document development, and personalized trainings.

Consultations are perfect for:

After attending one of our events, your team will be able to:

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