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Unlock the Power of Public Engagement for Your Academic Community

Sparking a public engagement movement can be a challenging task.

We design and facilitate workshop experiences for academic communities that empower scholars to create a lasting impact on the world through their research. 
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Broader Impact of Research

Public engagement efforts will expand reach, and help your academic community closer to making large-scale impact. 
Our workshops teach skills, best practices, and encourage collaboration in goal setting and strategic communication planning. Workshops are hands-on, where active learning produces an output.
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Increased Funding Opportunities

Public engagement efforts are evidence of societal impact which can attract attention from funding agencies, foundations, and organizations interested in supporting projects.
Our workshops emphasize strategic planning, outcomes, and public writing/communication, which can help bolster grant applications.
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Community Building and Collaboration

Public engagement can create richer connections with the public and foster a meaningful and trustworthy collaboration in research. 
Our workshop discusses how being trustworthy, transparency, shared values, and the impact of knowledge deficit theory can impact the relationship between the academy and the public.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

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Working With The Media To Promote Research

Navigate the complexities of media engagement as an academic. Learn how to effectively work with journalists, pitch research stories, and maximize research impact through various media channels.

Foundations Of Public Engagement

Lay the groundwork for a robust public engagement strategy in this foundational workshop. Explore key principles, best practices, skills development, and case studies that empower your academic community to embark on a transformative journey toward meaningful public engagement.


Becoming A More Publicly Engaged Discipline

Transform your discipline’s professional organization into a force for public good. This workshop guides leaders through the process of aligning their discipline’s goals with public engagement. Discover practical steps, collaborative approaches, and strategies to inspire and shape a culture to expand your discipline’s research into the public sphere to make the impact your colleagues dream of.

Creating A Culture For Public Engagement

Cultivate a supportive environment for public engagement within your academic community or professional organization. Explore how to nurture a culture that values and encourages researchers, departments, and labs to actively engage with the public, amplifying the societal impact of your academic community.

*This workshop is designed for administration and leadership. 

Public Writing & Communication for Scholarly Writers

Transform scholarly writing into compelling narratives for broader audiences. This workshop delves into the art of public writing, providing practical tips and techniques for scholars to communicate their research effectively through various channels.

Where Do We Begin? Strategic Communications Planning for Scholars

This hands-on workshop guides academic communities and professional organizations in developing a customized plan to effectively communicate research to diverse audiences as a team. Learn to set clear goals, identify your audiences, tailor messages, and build a roadmap for successful public engagement initiatives.

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