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WFA: Write From Anywhere

May 2, 2023

tree-lined walking path in Mexico City, Mexico with the words "Write From Anywhere" centered in the middle

Do you have lofty summer writing goals but also dreams of being anywhere but here?

Have you considered combining writing AND traveling? Like a work from anywhere (WFA) situation?

You know, like the digital nomads and remote workers of the world, traveling to far off lands, allegedly “working”?

Well, yes all this sounds lovely, but where and how and when does one do the planning? Which seemingly includes all the plans associated with travel and and with writing!?

πŸ€”Which country? Which city? Is it expensive? What neighborhood do I live in? Is it safe? Is it walkable? What’s the weather like? Is there strong WiFi? I will need a desk and a few working options within my accommodation. And probably a kitchen. A balcony would be nice. But that depends on the neighborhood and the weather. And what is there to do in this town? Public transport? Uber? Will I actually be able to focus on writing? Will I actually write or will I piss my days away exploring? How long should I stay? Is it long enough? What is the food scene? Do I need a travel electricity adapter? What other travel gear do I need.🫠

Boy, oh boy.

Well, I may have a solution for you.

Write From Anywhere.

Introducing Write from Anywhere, an international writing retreat for scholars, academics, researchers, writers, and anyone in the knowledge production vocation. Planned and curated so all you have to do is pack and show up on time for your flight.

The Deets

What πŸ€” : Write From Anywhere is a two-week long writing retreat in Mexico City, Mexico from July 7-21, 2023.

Where 🌎 : Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

When πŸ—“οΈ : Friday, July 7-Friday, July 21

How Much πŸ’Έ : Starting at $2,925 (based on single occupancy)

What’s included πŸ’­ :

  • 14-night stay in a private studio, 1-bedroom, or 2-bedroom apartment with workspace
  • Daily individual and group writing accountability
  • Curated trip planning and organizing services including: daily food recommendations, pre-planned excursions & tours, activities, pre-set restaurant reservationsCertified Travel Coach badge
  • Trip arranged & accompanied by Alicia Cintron, PhD (me!), digital nomad and ICF Certified Travel Coach!
  • Pre-arranged ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Pre-trip planning calls and resources
  • Personalized flight research and recommendations

How do I get in on this action πŸ€” : Apply today! This retreat is limited to four scholars. Applications are due by 5/26. Applicants will be notified by 5/27. If selected, a $500 non-refundable deposit is due by 5/30, and remaining balance is due by 6/20.

Tell me more.


Our retreat is designed for people like you with lofty summer writing goals, but who want to live their best life without the stress of planning!

You’ll have the opportunity to write productively while also exploring everything that Mexico City has to offer. With a group of like-minded people. And me, a professional digital nomad and ICF Certified Travel Coach. Built-in accountability and a built-in planner/guide extraordinaire (that’s me!).

Travel Planning.

Woman working on her laptop in Oaxaca, Mexico next to a young man.
Here I am working alongside a fellow digital nomad in Oaxaca City, Mexico in February 2023.

But I also understand how overwhelming travel planning can be! I basically do it for a living, spending more than half the year traveling abroad and working full time. The questions listed above are questions I process every time I travel. I’ve been to 7 countries and 13 cities as a digital nomad and I go through the Q&A process every. single. time.

I know where to look for stellar accommodations with everything I need, beautiful neighborhoods, and co-working space and cafes. And I know where to find the things to do and the sights to see. Most importantly, I know how to stay focused on the task at hand while seeing all the things. Part of that is an extended stay.

Two weeks of travel is the short end of getting acclimated to a new environment. But with all planning and logistics handled, the adjustment time is significantly shorter. All you have to do is pack (don’t forget your laptop!) and show up for your flight! All the planning is done for you. And with me as a guide on the ground, you won’t have much to think about besides meeting your writing goals and which taco stand you will try today.

The inspiration behind our retreat is the concept of WFA, or Work From Anywhere. I, and many others, are under the firm belief that you don’t be tied to your office or home to be productive. And the benefits of changing your scenery can actually help you be more productive and creative. With new routines, smells, sounds, and environment, you can be triggered in ways you wouldn’t if you stayed in your typical writing environment at home.

So imagine

Two weeks of daily writing with co-working and private writing space, built-in accountability, and a cohort of writers doing the same thing. Two weeks of exploring Mexico City, a vibrant and dynamic city with a rich history, culture, and natural beauty with cafes and taco stands on every block. All planned out for you to pick and choose your own adventure in dining, activities, and experiences. We could even talk about public engagement. 😊

Join us.

An skyline view of ot air balloons floating above ancient ruins outside of Mexico City

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